Sponsorship Program

The Southern California Special Education Administrators (SoCalSEA) is pleased to offer sponsorships to support educational leaders in their continuing professional growth in the field of Special Education.  

Sponsorships of up to $1000 will be awarded to current or aspiring special education administrators, working within a Los Angeles County LEA/SELPA, who intend to further their impact in the field of Special Education. The award must be used for professional development registration fees paid for by the applicant (not paid by their LEA/SELPA) and fees related to travel, food, and other costs are not included. It may be used for a past event/program (within the last 12 months) or an upcoming event/program. Sponsorships are paid upon proof of registration, payment, and completion of the event/program.  

All applications will be kept on file for one year.  Awards will be determined by the SoCalSEA Board on an annual basis, based upon revenues available.  Determination of awards and revenues available is at the sole discretion of the SoCalSEA Board.

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Applications are due by Friday, December 22, 2023